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Equity, Diversity, Indigeneity, Inclusion and Accessibility Policy

We embrace diversity as our greatest asset. It spurs our creativity, galvanizes our collaborations and drives our innovations.

QVasC's strategies are to foster an inclusive and equitable environment by promoting diversity and equal opportunities, through ongoing evaluation and commitment to EDIIA. We want to create a supportive environment where every member feels valued and respected. In alignment with the Government of Canada’s Tri-Agency Statement on EDI, we are committed to an inclusive culture needed for research excellence, applicability, and accessibility for varied populations.

Team composition and recruitment:

We plan to broaden our recruitment channels to attract diverse members. Job postings will be non-gendered and have inclusive language. We will implement fair, bias-free selection processes with diverse interview panels and an appointed EDI officer/representative.


Training, mentoring, and professional development:

We will provide protected time to engage in EDIIA-related professional development. We will establish policies for disseminating information equally to team members and encourage participation in career growth opportunities.


Working Environment:

We aim to create an inclusive research environment that values diverse perspectives and promotes equal participation. Accessibility: Ensure accessible facilities and accommodation for individuals with visible and non-visible disabilities. Regularly assess and address any barriers to accessibility.


Inclusive Communication:

Active listening, respectful dialogue, and valuing diverse perspectives.


Collaborative Projects:

Foster interdisciplinary collaborations and cross-cultural understanding.



By establishing an EDIIA support committee we can develop and implement policies and guidelines that explicitly address EDIIA considerations in research activities, as well as listen to concerns and address any concerns.



We will encourage underrepresented members to participate in networking events, attend conferences, create diverse group meetings, and seek collaborating opportunities.


Impact and Outcomes:

Our approach will encourage an equitable environment throughout the REC. By being mindful of unintended barriers that may exist, we will work to eliminate them. We anticipate increased communications, collaborations, leading to publications, global representation, and funding opportunities. Monitoring progress and staying accountable: We will establish an EDIIA committee responsible for monitoring the implementation of the practice plan. They will provide recommendations and ensure accountability. We will regularly evaluate our EDIIA practices and make necessary adjustments.

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